Lady in red

Born in a museum that exhibited lithographs by David Lynch, Lady in Red proposes to recreate the atmosphere of Twin Peaks’ “Bang-Bang Bar”: semi-electronic strange songs performed by an ethereal singer. Influenced by Portishead and 90s music, Lady in red is a fragile, disturbing and occult diva. A character from a Lovecraft story filmed by the master, David Lynch.


It started the day when the Forel Museum curator had the crazy idea of ​​opening the doors in the middle of the night and offering flashlight tours to a temporary David Lynch exhibition. This artistic happening was embellished with nocturnal wanderings of actors dressed as characters from Lynch’s films and from various performances. During this “Silencio Evening”, Catia Mirabile and Stéphane Paccaud, both fans of Twin Peaks, decided to create a musical set that would immerse visitors in the strange atmospheres of the filmmaker. She was dressed in a thin blood red dress and he was wearing a leather jacket like Trent Reznor in the 8th episode of the last season of Twin Peaks… Time has stood still and the public was transported in the 1990’s in the Bang Bang Bar. Hypnotized, a visitor designated Catia as “The Lady in Red”…

Given the success of the performance and the pleasure they felt, the two musicians decided to develop their set i to offer “strange concerts” in bars, alternative venues and intimate places. Texts borrowed from the mythology of Lovecraft and music sound like the credits of True Detective. This in the cinematographic atmosphere proposed by Lady in red. Thus, the Trois P’tits Tours theater was the first hall where the band performed. She tested her audience and distilled a cozy and surprising atmosphere during these two exceptional evenings. February 28 and 29, 2020 are two dates to be remembered for the group who were delighted to pay tribute to Nine Inch Nails, Lovecraft and master, David Lynch.